Everyone Has A Toy

It Is Time You Look Up From Your Screen And Out At The World. “Like me, most people will attempt to sleep on the bus, bringing every kind of ear device you can think of to create further isolation. They use old-fashioned Monster headphones and tiny Stingray buds, trendy Skullcandy, and disposable headsets brought home […]

100 Happy Days

“The challenge of #100happydays has been trending on all the major social media outlets lately and it is a fun positive challenge. Did you know that the average American spends over 100 hours commuting? 100 hours of dealing with people trying to get places just like you who are in too much of hurry to […]

Creative Coping

Long commutes are a time when the creativity of the average person surfaces. In fact, it can be fascinating to see how people cope with the tedium of the average commute in a large city like New York.  While there are always those who use this time to catch up on catnaps, many New Yorkers […]

The Commuting Thing

“At least for now, I’m going to continue to do the commuting thing… It’s just become part of my life.” – Scott Harris Commuting is much more than just a daily hassle or necessity; it is also a unique culture. That girl with her headphones on, standing next to the subway doors; how many times […]

Let Your Mind Wander

“I am Alice, Alive in New York, I go down into the city’s subway holes. And a few times a month, I enter an enticing little room, and sit at a tiny table, accompanied by ten goldfish who speak to me in bubble language. Then I get served a delicious meal by a kind Little Bear named Mee. I am Alice, Alive […]