Alice Rutkowski

About Alice

Alice A. Rutkowski, Ph.D., is nicknamed “people whisperer” for her uncanny ability to quickly read and respond to others. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, and performance coach with an expertise in body language. Alice has touched the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life, and is known for her warmth and humor. Featured on radio, television, and in various newspaper articles, she brings life to her mega commute.

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About the Book

Put the YOU back into commuting. Breathe life into even the most mundane and tedious journey. Take Exit 8A and find your hero, face your fear, feel love, practice radical forgiveness, even save a life. Exit 8A turns author Alice Rutkowski’s commute on its head and gently coaxes YOU to do the same with yours. Eighteen inspiring and true stories are seen through eighteen lenses on her twice daily encounters of New York traffic congestion and super-motion. Through these you can see and respond differently to the dreaded “stress zones” mega-commuters face. In between cups of coffee, doses of varying aromas, or chasing internet connectivity on the bus, you’ll likely be finding your own stories!

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